Pat Eddy Completes Under 19 Double


Pat Eddy completed The Cycling Australia Road National Championships Under 19 Men double today in Buninyong winning the Time Trial by 11 seconds in front of Harry Morgan.  Sam Eddy finished 5th and Ben Jones finished 30th respectively.

The 21.6-kilometre parcour was a testing out and back course. With hardly a flat piece of road and a headwind on the way home, having a controlled effort was the key today.

P. Eddy rolled down the ramp at 12:47 pm and started like he had been shot out of a cannon. Assisted by the tailwind, he flew the turnaround point and then set the coordinates for the finish.

“I went out pretty hard, but I knew coming back would be tricky with the wind, “Eddy said.


Passing several riders on the way home was a good sign that the 16-year-old was on a good one. Importantly, the young head on young shoulders had left enough in the tank for the push back to the finish in Buninyong. Eddy looked to be running out of gas in the last five kilometres but dug deep into his reserves to finish as strong as he had started, muscling the biggest gear he had to the line.

“On the way back I tried to save myself a bit, I knew that last five kilometres were tough. I was really struggling with three to go and when I saw the sign for the last kilometre I just went for it and gave it all I had.”

As a first year under 19, he has done the Road Race, Time Trial double, a feat that was beyond his goals before arriving in Buninyong.

“It feels incredible, I didn’t come here thinking I could do what I’ve just done, but it a great feeling.”


Team DS Pat Lane said that these championships could hardly have gone better for InForm TM Insight MAKE so far.

“Three Gold medals and a Silver medal with one more race to come is just unbelievable really. We came here knowing that we were a chance in a few races, but for it to actually pan out this way is just the perfect start for 2019. Everyone has worked so hard over the last few months and for it to be paying off now is really nice to see.”

The under 23 Men’s Time Trial is tomorrow morning.

Luke Plapp, Rudy Porter, Tom Benton, David Williams, Will Moloney- Morton and Carter Turnbull are the InForm TM Insight MAKE riders hitting the start ramp tomorrow.

Elliott up the Road at Nationals


The Cycling Australia Road National Championships Elite Men’s Road Race started a breakneck pace and the race situation quickly spiralled out of control for several of the pre-race favourites.

After two laps, a 30-rider strong breakaway formed off the front of the peloton. For those that missed the split, it was day done. InForm TM Insight MAKE’s Nathan Elliott was present in the move that was missing riders including Caleb Ewan, Miles Scotson and Heinrich Haussler.

Luke Durbridge, Michael Freiberg, Alex Edmondson and Chris Harper pushed away from the leading group and the quartet would be the main protagonists of the day’s proceedings.

As the four extended their gap, the big names who had missed the 30 man split were scrambling to get across but to no avail.

The race situation remained the same until Cameron Meyer bridge the gap from the second group the leading four with a little over three laps to go. With now three Mitchelton-Scott riders in the lead group of five, Durbridge and Edmondson shifted their focus to working for Meyer. Edmondson losing contact soon after Meyer had joined.

Chris Harper, arguably the strongest rider of the day, attacked the group on the third last lap which forced Durbridge to do the chasing. Harper was reeled in at the top of the climb on the second last climb by Meyer and Frieberg. The three approach the bell lap together, all appearing rather legless, and it showed on the last climb with Frieberg getting distanced to the tempo riding of the other two.

With the fastest of the three riders on paper distanced, Meyer and Harper worked together until two kilometres to go with the gap to Frieberg at 20 seconds. The leader’s game of cat and mouse opened the door for Frieberg to come back into the fold. As soon as the West Australian made contact, had no hesitation in hitting the two leaders, hanging on for the Gold Medal ahead of the scrambling Harper and Meyer.

Nathan Elliott finished in 17th after spending the whole day in the 26 man break away.

“It was great to be in the breakaway, or my day would have been over fairly early. It was a super hard day out there. Mitchelton- Scott was attacking heaps to split up the group of 30 and I missed out on the right group. Overall, I think I can be happy with my day out there today,” Nathan Elliott said.

The U19 Time Trial is tomorrow, followed by the U23 Time Trial on Tuesday.

Double Delight for Eddy Brothers


The incredible start to the Cycling Australia Road National Championships continued for InForm TM Insight MAKE today with Pat Eddy and Sam Eddy going 1-2 in the under 19 Men’s Road Race.

The riders set off in relatively icy temperatures in Buninyong with 104.4km on the agenda. The race started slowly with soft flurries of attacks slipping off the front of the peloton. It wasn’t until the fourth-time up Mount Buninyong that we started to see the race really heat up. Riders were getting ejected in their droves and the race favourites began to dictate the outcome.

Riders continued to get offloaded after each lap, and with four laps to go, the peloton was dwindled down to just 25 riders. Here is where the race started proper. Three riders managed to create the first genuinely threatening move and they quickly stretched their advantage out to 40 seconds.

What was left of the peloton managed to keep the gap under control for an opportunity for those eager, or willing enough to bounce across to the leaders in the final few laps. The three in the front became two and with three laps to go, it was time for the Eddy bros to open up the taps.


“Just before the turnoff to Mount Buninyong, I hit it, then me and few guys just chopped off to the top. Four of us managed to catch the two leaders and we became the front group of six,” P. Eddy said.

The six riders including Sam Eddy, worked together well on the second last gap to ensure that they would be the ones fighting for the victory.

On the last time up the climb, it was P. Eddy who attacked first at the base of the climb.

“Just before the feed zone I put it in the big ring and just sent it up the climb,” P. Eddy said.

He crested the top of the final climb and set a b line for the finish. S.Eddy had the luxury of sitting in the wheels of Alastair MacKellar and Dylan Hopkins in the final kilometres. As P.Eddy came into sight of the finish line, he was alone, allowed to enjoy the last kilometre of what was an incredibly calculated effort. He crossed the line 1 minute, 35 seconds ahead of S.Eddy who torched the sprint for second.

“It couldn’t have gone any better, when Pat let it rip on the last lap it was just so fast. I was already on the rivet but after the climb, I could just sit back and wait for the sprint,” S.Eddy said.

Snapseed 2.JPG

 Under 23 Road Race

The 2019 Cycling Australia Road National Championships Under 23 Men’s Road Race provided one of the most exciting races in recent years.

An early move of five riders put pressure on InForm TM Insight MAKE to take reigns of the peloton to keep the gap from getting out of control. Tom McFarlane was sent up the road shortly after to take the pressure off the team and he was joined by five others.

The race now had three distinct groups, two escape groups, and the peloton. McFarlane’s group dangled at 1 minute, 30 seconds behind the lead group for several laps and could never quite make the junction. At five laps to go, the gap between the lead group and the peloton had ballooned out to almost four minutes.

As alarm bells started to ring in the main group, the big names started to wind it up in a bid to pin back the leaders. Team BridgeLane and Pro Racing Sunshine Coast were the teams who did the lion share of the chasing, and in a singular lap, had reduced the gap by two minutes. The sudden increase in speed quickly absorbed the McFarlane group and the race was back to two groups.


The gap to the breakaway continued to fall under the pressure of Team BridgeLane and Pro Racing Sunshine Coast, with the race seeming destined for a last lap showdown between the favourites.

At the base of Buninyong for the final climb, the race was all together and it was time for the final fireworks. Nick White, Sam Jenner and Michael Potter jumped clear over the top of Mount Buninyong and the trio amalgamated their forces to push out to a 20 second lead over the peloton. With yesterday’s criterium winner Jarrad Drizners scrambling over the last climb, Carter Turnbull headed to the front of the remanence of the peloton to keep the three leaders in check.

In the last two kilometres, the three leaders began to lose cooperation and the gap began to plummet. As the riders came into sight in the last kilometre, the gap was down to ten seconds and it was anyone’s guess to the outcome. Drizners hit out from the peloton with 600 meters in a last-ditch effort to make the junction but fell just short and finished fifth.

White took a very impressive win ahead Potter and Jenner.

“It was another unreal day for the team. The Eddy brother’s road the perfect race in the under 19s and really showed their class today. It was also pretty cool having their father in the car for the last few laps,” DS Pat Lane said.

“The under 23s had a really hard day. We had the most numbers in the race so there was always going to be pressure on us to influence the proceeding. The boys rode so well as a team again today and it’s just great to see them all gelling so well so early in the new year.”

Drizners Finds Gold in Ballarat


It was Gold in the first race of the FedUni Road Nationals for InForm TM Insight MAKE.

Jarrad Drizners was victorious in the U23 Mens Criterium this afternoon in the scorching Ballarat heat. Chalking up our first win of the 2019 season.

The early stages of the 33 kilometre Criterium were chaotic, with groups slipping up the road with InForm TM Insight MAKE being present in the key moves. Tom Jones did the early policing in a five rider break that animated the first ten laps and helped the rest of the team keep their powder dry for the back half of the race.

After constant reshuffling of the deck, Will Moloney-Morton and Jarrad Drizners found themselves in a six rider break which quickly developed the characteristics of a winning move. The six riders worked well together until 16 laps to go when Drizners and Kelland O’Brien slipped effortlessly away as a result of a simple dropping of the wheel in the lead group.

With the two strongest teams in the race represented in the break, the anchors were thrown out in the peloton and they found themselves battling it out for the bronze medal. Drizners and O’Brien worked well together and quickly established a race winning advantage, soon having the rear of the peloton in their crosshairs.


With six laps to go, Drizners and O’Brien had made contact with the back of the peloton. The catch proved problematic for the race commissaires, who needed to think on their feet to create a fair sprint for the medals. It was decided that the peloton would sprint for third with two laps to go and the two leaders would have a one on one duel in the final two laps for the green and gold jersey.

A cat and mouse finale played out, a la a track sprint on the velodrome. Both seasoned track riders, neither was disadvantaged in the unique scenario for a road sprint. As the leaders entered the home straight for the final time, the duo was still playing a cagey game, wanting to leave it late as possible to hit out in the uphill, headwind sprint. It was Drizners who jumped first with 200 meters to go. The South Australian proved too strong for O’Brien who couldn’t come over the top of the InForm TM Insight MAKE rider in the final metres.

Cam Scott won the gallop for third.

Before the presentations, with the adrenaline still firing, Drizners said,

“It was so hot out there, just Kell and I off the front for so much of the race, it was bloody hard.”

“I was pretty nervous in the final sprint to be honest, I didn’t really want to lead it out but I found myself on the front but I managed to pull it off which is just unreal.”

With the green and gold jersey on his shoulders, and some time to process the victory, Drizners said,

“I’ve just been on the phone to my parents and my brother, it was pretty emotional and I was almost in tears, I’m just soaking it all in now.”


Team manager Pat Lane was unsurprisingly over the moon with the start to the championships.

“It’s the perfect start to the season, our first race and our first win. All the boys rode perfectly today and Jarrad was good enough to finish it off. We have plenty more chances to win at these Nationals so now we look forward to the road races.”

Nathan Elliott was our only rider in the Elite Men’s Criterium and tried to animate the race, looking to sniff out  the key breakaway. The headwind on the final straight proved to be too big of an obstacle and no genuine attacks got clear.  

Brenton Jones won ahead of Tristan Ward and Jay McCarthy.

The U19 and U23 Road Races take place tomorrow.

MAAP and Specialized join InForm TM Insight MAKE for 2019


InForm TM Insight MAKE will be joining forces with two premium brands for 2019.

Melbourne based cycling apparel company MAAP will be on board as clothing sponsor, while Specialized will continue in 2019 as our bike sponsor.  

MAAP co-founder and director Oliver Cousins talked about his thoughts on their new partnership with InForm TM Insight MAKE.

“It feels like a really natural partnership. We’re both Melbourne based, both design led brands and both focused on performance and racing. We look forward to watching the team develop their riders into world class athletes over the coming years.”

“We’re looking forward to having InForm TM Insight MAKE represent the brand all year round. It’s important for us that they’re mixing it up at club crits, and being part of Melbourne’s cycling community as it is racing the NRS. We see the team as a great squad of ambassadors for the brand,” Cousins said.


InForm TM Insight MAKE Team Manager Pat lane expressed his excitement to be linking up with such a premium clothing brand.

“I’ve always tried to sneak around in MAAP apparel as much as possible, to have our team link up with them is something I’m really excited about,” Lane said.

“MAAP have a huge following and it’s great to be a part of their brand. On a performance note, I know the guys are really excited to be in such great kit next year.”


Specialized will again be on board as the team’s bike sponsor after a successful 2018 season in partnership.

“Specialized have been indirectly supporting InForm TM Insight MAKE since they first pinned on race numbers not too long ago at St. Kilda CC crits. It’s been a rapid evolution since those days, which we’ve greatly enjoyed being able to ride alongside and celebrate what InForm have been able to grow into today,” Michael Brown, Specialized Sports Marketing Manager said.

Brown talked about the environment, and the opportunities that InForm TM Insight MAKE provide to young athletes is what draws Specialized to be involved with the team.

“Moving into 2019, Specialized are proud to now be directly supporting what is a well-respected and very competitive NRS team. In amongst the peloton and the wider cycling industry, Cameron McKimm and the team are known for their many development opportunities and the professional environment they create for young riders. It’s this ethos and the positive relationship we have that drives us, Specialized, to want to help support the development of Australia’s next top cycling talent.”

We are thrilled to be partnered with two premium brands and can’t wait to get 2019 underway with MAAP and Specialized.

2019 National Championships Preview

InForm TM Insight MAKE’s 2019 campaign gets underway at the FedUni Road Nationals in Buninyong next week.

The schedule is as follows:

Friday 4 January: U19, U23, Elite Criterium

Saturday 5 January: U19, U23 Road Race

Sunday 6 January: Elite Road Race

Monday 7 January: U19 Time Trial

Tuesday 8 January: U23, Elite Time Trial

carter break.jpg


With the criteriums and the underage road races falling on back to back days, Sam Eddy, Pat Eddy and Ben Jones have opted to sit out the under 19 criterium, in a bid to keep their powder dry for the road race on Saturday.  

The under 23 group will arrive at the start line in Ballarat with a real focus on coming away from criterium with a medal. Cycling Australia Podium Potential Academy athletes Jarrad Drizners, Godfrey Slattery and Connor Leahy will headline team sheet and will be accompanied by David Williams, Tom McFarlane and William Moloney- Morton. The riders face 30 laps of a 1.1 kilometre course in the middle of Ballarat, with a slight uphill drag in final 300 meters of each lap. A finish that suits the quick, but strong riders. Traditionally a bunch kick, however, things have been known to get out of control with teams lacking organisation in the final stages of the under 23 criterium.

Nathan Elliott will be the lone ranger for InForm TM Insight MAKE in the Elite Men’s criterium.

tom mac.jpg


The under 19 group are a genuine chance of coming away with a medal in the 104.4 kilometre race around Mount Buninyong. Nine laps will likely thin out the herd, resulting in a small group or a solo rider arriving at the finish.

Pat Eddy shared his thoughts on how the race will pan out.

“I'd just like to be in the mix towards the end of the road race with an opportunity to either win or help Sam (Eddy) get up for a good result. I think the road race will sort out a lot of the under 19 riders, over 100 kilometres of racing, and riding up Mt Buninyong nine times in the heat can't be underestimated. If any more than 15 riders make it to the finish in the front group I'll be surprised,” Eddy said.

In the under 23 road race, InForm TM Insight MAKE will have the strongest team on paper. Tom Jones, Tom Benton, Rudy Porter and Carter Turnbull will join the criterium group to make a ten-rider strong team for the 11 lap, 127.6-kilometre test around Buninyong. In the past eight years, the biggest group to contest the finish is six riders. A genuine war of attrition is always the theme of the day and attention is required from the gun. In 2013, 30 riders went up the road in the first two laps and were never seen again. Stay alert early.

Rudy Porter discussed the benefits of having strength in numbers in the final laps.

“We have a talented group with many different style of riders for certain situations. I figure a break will eventually develop over the first couple of laps in which we should be represented in. If it’s a really hot day, I don’t see the break lasting, however, if we still have some good numbers coming into the final laps it will help a lot with covering moves or attacking the race ourselves, from which I’m sure any of us can end up with a good result,” Porter said.

Not unlike the criterium, Nathan Elliott will be the lone wolf, looking to sniff out the early break of the day.

Plapp worlds tt.jpg


All three under 19 riders will pin the numbers on for the 21.6-kilometre time trial. An out and back, rolling parcour is the flavour of the day.   

Pat Eddy, who won the under 17 National Championship Time Trial in 2018 is hoping to make a seamless transition into the under 19 category.

“I think I can pull off a great result in the TT, hopefully a top five. I'm just hoping the hard work I've put in this summer will pay off,” Eddy said.

Luke Plapp, who was second at the under 19 World Championship Time Trial in 2018 has moved into the under 23 ranks for 2019. His first test will be against the clock in Buninyong. Plapp will head to the start ramp as one of the favourites for a medal, but a heavy track focus early in the summer has taken up the lion share of Plapp’s resources.

“After focusing on the track the last few months, it’s really hard to gauge how I’ll go in the TT. I haven’t had proper preparation, but in saying that, since doing the track work I’m feeling awesome and have got some speed in the legs that I haven’t had before,” Plapp said.

“Looking at some of the boys I expect to be around the mark, I’m thinking of Kelland O’Brien and Sam Jenner.”

Plapp will be joined by Turnbull, Williams, Benton, Porter, T Jones, and Moloney-Morton at the start house on January 8 for a shot at the green and gold stripes.

It all kicks off next Friday in the heart of Ballarat.

Australian Cycling Team Podium Potential Academy links up with InForm TM Insight MAKE


Cycling Australia’s Podium Potential Track Academy athletes will join InForm TM Insight MAKE for their road racing endeavours for the 2019 season.

Luke Plapp, Jarrad Drizners, Conor Leahy and Godfrey Slattery are the four riders joining the squad. Track commitments will remain the priority for the talented youngsters but linking up with a National Road Series squad will allow the riders to gain greater exposure to all types of racing and will aid their progression towards lofty track goals.

The riders will remain under the control of Podium Potential Academy coach Rohan Wight throughout their time on the road, while Senior Men’s Track Endurance coach Tim Decker will be keeping a watchful eye over their progress throughout the season.

“InForm TM Insight MAKE were accommodating to work in with what the boys need. Having a priority on their athlete development and providing them with the racing that I believe they need. Cam and Pat are also providing our athletes the flexibility to work around their track needs as well,” Decker said.

“Rohan will work closely with the athletes, and what we really want to do is in trust Pat with the race knowledge, the race day skills and the directing side of it all. We will work on athlete preparation regarding fitness, awareness under pressure and how to handle the loads in different races.”

Decker added that with the quality in the group, they could potentially push for a spot in Tokyo.

“The aim of the academy is it’s a pathway to the 2024 Olympics, but I wouldn’t be surprised, given the history, that there is potential of one of the academy athletes maybe making the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo,” Decker said.


Luke Plapp, who won two gold medals at the Junior Track World Championships and was second behind Remco Evenepoel at the Junior Road World Championships Time Trial this year shared his excitement about joining InForm TM Insight MAKE.

“I’d love to add the culture the track boys have developed and the sense of team work to the road, really try to incorporate it with the other boys and really have an awesome team out there on the road who can work together and get results. It’s also going to amazing to get experience overseas racing together,” Plapp said.

“I believe the team roster InForm TM Insight MAKE have put together can contest and win any race on the calendar, we have such a diverse range of people that can mix it with some of the larger continental teams during the European season.”

With the bar set high from his dazzling junior performance in 2018, Plapp has already shifted his focus for a big 2019.

“For me personally, the major road goal is the TT at Worlds, while from a team view point, it would be great to really push to be the top team on the NRS standings with InForm TM Insight MAKE in 2019.”

18-year-old, Jarrad Drizners is looking to attack the road season hard. The South Australian was oozing eagerness when talking about embarking on a new chapter with InForm TM Insight MAKE.

“I’m excited to get stuck into the road next year, it’s a young and enthusiastic team with a few experienced riders to learn from as well. I’m also really excited to be racing with my fellow track teammates,” Drizners said.

“My personal goals for 2019 on the road are to be consistent in the NRS again, and aim for a stage win. Also, I hope to be competitive in Europe, and build on from what I learnt this year.”

Welcome gents!

Cameron McKimm and Pat Lane to head up InForm TM Insight MAKE in 2019


Cam McKimm started InForm TM Insight MAKE for his mates and himself to race evening criteriums on hot summer nights just a few short years ago. He wouldn’t have ever thought he would have the best young talent in the country riding for his team.

“It always exceeds my expectations of the way the team grows. But we want to be careful that we keep it sustainable, so we do want to keep it at a similar size it is now,” McKimm said.

The Managing Director of InForm Design is everything you want from a team owner, but most importantly, for McKimm its about providing opportunities and support for young cyclists in Australia.

“We do it because we are passionate about it, and we like putting financial support towards young kids who are having a real crack at something. We also want to create a really good environment around them so they can succeed and excel with InForm TM Insight MAKE.”

After a big 2018, the founder of InForm TM Insight MAKE is excited to see what the team can achieve in 2019.

“We couldn’t be happier with the roster for next year, we had a list of riders we wanted and we got them all. We have a great race program, we have a healthy budget with the great support of TM Insight and MAKE, and we have the best equipment with Specialized and MAAP on board for next year.

“Operations wise, Pat absolutely runs the team, I’ve got 100% faith in him, he’s got heaps of experience in this game and is a much smarter cycling person than I am,” McKimm said.


Lane, who’s cycling palmares includes a third place at the Australian Nationals and a stage win at Giro Della Regione Friuli, moved into a non-riding management role with the team halfway through 2018 and has quickly adapted to life in the sheltered comforts of the team vehicle. On top of his cycling team commitments, the 27-year-old has also been working with InForm Design on a full-time basis.  

“I’ve really enjoyed the transition, it’s been busy lately but watching it all come together for 2019 is pretty exciting. I can’t wait to see the boys line up at nationals together with the new bikes & kit. Running the team is a great experience for me & it’s been awesome to be able to stay involved with the team,” Lane said.

With new riders of elite quality bolstering the strength of the squad, the team’s focus of developing young riders has stayed the same.

“I think the most exciting part about next year’s roster is the level of riders we have been able to sign up while maintaining our focus on young riders. The average age next year is just 19.5 years old,” Lane said.

With the admin for 2019 almost complete, Lane can now look forward to the upcoming season from a racing scope and map out the goals and ambitions for the team. He spoke passionately about seeing some of the younger riders step up into leaderships roles, aided by the guidance of some of the more experienced riders in the squad.

Screenshot 2018-12-13 23.39.50.png

“This year was an amazing year results wise, we saw a lot of our younger riders start to consistently finish in the top ten. I can’t wait to see them get their first NRS win next year and I’m very confident we will have multiple winners,” Lane said.

“After coming second this year in the NRS the obvious goal would be to win it. To beat the new squad run by Tom Petty and Andrew Christie-Johnston next year will be very difficult, but we are looking forward to the challenge. I know Raphael Freienstein is hoping to hand the NRS leaders jersey onto one of the other guys for next year.”

One of the craftiest and tactically intelligent riders during his riding career, Lane will act as a fountain of knowledge for the youthful squad, who under the guidance of one of the most cycling wired brains in the country, are in safe hands.

Carter Turnbull to remain at InForm TM Insight MAKE in 2019


Off the back of a super 2018 season where the 18-year-old won the under 19 Oceania road title, represented Australia at the Junior World Championships in Austria and completed year 12, Turnbull is moving up the ranks to the under 23 category in 2019.

Having the liberty of four years as an under 23, Turnbull will be able ease into the new environment, with results being a bonus, he is looking to adjust to the longer, and more difficult racing.

“Going up an age group makes it hard to have specific goals for next year, but I’m looking to try and perform well throughout the whole year, and of course, be looking to pick up as many results as possible along the way,” Turnbull said.

carter stage 2.jpg

After a continental championship win, and flying the Australian flag overseas, doors were opening for Turnbull, but the Melbourne boy opted to stay at InForm TM Insight MAKE for several reasons.

“I feel InForm TM Insight MAKE are the best team for me to achieve the best possible results through the support and opportunities that they offer me. Also, having some older, more experienced guys in the team has helped me a lot and I hope to continue to learn from guys like Raphael Freienstein and Nathan Elliott.”

Team culture is a hot topic within sport now, and the environment that has been created by Cameron McKimm and Pat Lane hasn’t gone un noticed within the group of riders. Turnbull’s young head on young shoulders understands the importance of having a great team environment and cited it as a big factor for him to remain with InForm TM Insight MAKE.

“The team environment is super, I’ve always had a great team environment around me and I know at this team, it’ll stay that way for the coming year with the staff and riders we have working with the team.”

carter break.jpg

Off the back of InForm TM Insight MAKE’s fruitful 2018 season, the rewards include gaining starts for several riders at the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race and the Jayco Herald Sun Tour. Races that Turnbull hopes to be pinning the numbers on at in January.

“It would be unreal to race at Cadel’s and Sun Tour. Obviously, the level will be extremely high and harder than anything I’ve done before, but I’ll look forward to testing myself against some of the best riders in the world,” Turnbull said.

Turnbull’s 2019 campaign kicks off in the first week of January with the Cycling Australia Road Nationals in Buninyong.

VRS Teams & Individual Classifications wrapped up in Bright

Photo: Cycling Victoria

Photo: Cycling Victoria

The Tour of Bright took place over the weekend with three exciting stages including a short, sharp stage to Mount Hotham. The tour wrapped up on Sunday afternoon which also brought a close to the 2018 VRS season. A very successful VRS season at that for InForm MAKE, who finished at the top of the standings in the team’s classification as well as the individual classification with Raphael Freienstein.  

Added to the incredible success of the VRS season, InForm MAKE also chalked up the Individual NRS crown, and were second on the NRS team’s classification to cap off a stellar 2018. 

“To be crowned the best team in Victoria is something I’m really proud of the boys for. Their consistency shows a lot of professionalism to maintain this level across all VRS & NRS races. A special mention must go to Raph for winning both series, I don’t think I’ve seen that done before,” Team manager Pat Lane said.

With both Individual and Teams VRS classifications already secured before the depart in Bright, it was a great opportunity for some of the younger riders in Carter Turnbull and Tom Jones to take their chance. Alas, before the race began, Jones was being taken away in an ambulance after a crash during a reconnaissance of the time trial course.

“Unfortunately, we lost Tom Jones due to a crash before the start of the tour, he suffered some nasty facial injuries so he couldn’t compete. This left us with just four riders to compete in the tour. I’m sure we will see TJ bounce back for a great Nationals at the start of January,” Lane said.

Photo: Cycling Victoria

Photo: Cycling Victoria


The final VRS race of the season started with a 13.5 kilometre time trial. In favourable conditions, it was a fast out and back time trial, with the profile providing no great obstacles, it was a hot average speed for stage winner Jordan Villani who crossed the line with an average speed of 47.7km/h. InForm MAKE’s Raphael Freienstein and Carter Turnbull were fifth and sixth on the day, setting up a good foundation for the remaining two stages.


Stage 2 was 131 kilometers and tackled the loop known as “Gaps Loop”. A three rider break away provided the action for the early parts of the stage and had built up a sizeable five minute advantage to the peloton. InForm MAKE’s Tom McFarlane put in a massive effort to cut down the deficit to the breakaway until the base of Mount Beauty. Here is where the race really kicked off with the tempo in the peloton being cranked up further as the race went on.

The ferocious tempo in the peloton meant the end for the breakaway, whose gap had been slashed to just one minute when the riders arrived at the base of the final climb up Tawonga. The scene was set for the climbers to shine in a baking hot 33 degrees on the finishing seven kilometre climb. Freienstein and Turnbull lost contact with the front group in the earlier stages of the climb but managed to limit their losses to finish 11th and 16th on the stage.

Photo: Cycling Victoria

Photo: Cycling Victoria


Stage 3 was a 58 kilometre stage finishing at the ski village of Mount Hotham. Typical alpine conditions created discussion on whether the stage would go ahead or not, but by the scheduled start time, the wild conditions had subsided and stage 3 was set for a start. An early break of ten riders got away immediately with Freienstein making an unsuccessful effort to bridge across to the leaders. With only 26 kilometres of racing before the climb started, the escapees were never really let off the leash by the peloton. Ten kilometres into the climb to Hotham, Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour winner Dylan Sunderland jumped across to the break, then left all but one rider in his wake. Sunderland distanced Matt Ross in the last five kilometres to take a solo victory. Freienstein and Turnbull were eighth and 13th on the stage respectively. On the general classification, Freienstein was fifth and Turnbull was an impressive ninth.

Photo: Cycling Victoria

Photo: Cycling Victoria

Turnbull’s ninth on GC provides reassurance for his transition into the under 23 ranks next season, it also shows that he can be competitive at the National Championships in January.

“Getting this result helped reassure me that I’m heading in the right direction. I’m moving into the u23s next year so it’s nice to know I can be around the mark with guys who are a few years older than me,” Turnbull said.

A strong climber and time trialist, Turnbull will be looking to roll a few heads come crunch time in Buninyong, with this week being a big stepping stone towards road nationals.

“I went up to Bright a week early for a hard block of training which included racing the tour, all in preparation for nationals next month.”

Although there were no big results to write home about at Bright, Lane took some huge positives out of the weekend regarding some of the younger riders looking towards 2019.

‘’With the 2019 season so close it was great to see some awesome performances from the young riders who will be joining us next year. Pat Eddy’s TT win in B grade would have placed him tenth in A grade, for a under 17 rider I think this shows we will see a lot from him in the coming years. Rudy Porter also had a great start to the tour with tenth in the TT before crashing out.”

All racing focus now turns to Buninyong for the Cycling Australian Road nationals, only one month away.

Eddy brothers to join InForm TM Insight MAKE in 2019


Eddy brothers, Patrick and Sam, will join InForm TM Insight MAKE for the 2019 season.

The Bendigo based brothers are coming off the back of a fruitful 2018 season and will look to continue their success in the under 19 category, NRS and VRS with InForm TM Insight MAKE.

Patrick began cycling at the age of ten, and his impressive season in 2018 on both the track and the road captured the attention of Team Manager Pat Lane.

So much so, that Lane and team founder Cameron McKimm took the afternoon off work to drive to Bendigo, have a BBQ and meet the family to lock the brothers in for 2019.

“We put a big emphasis on young talent when selecting riders and after watching Sam and Pat’s performances this year they were an obvious fit with our organisation,” Lane said.

Patrick added some impressive results to his palmares this year including four under 17 national titles. In February’s Junior Track National Championships, he picked up both the points score and team pursuit national titles in Melbourne. The now 16-year-old went on to do the criterium and time trial double at the September Junior Road National Championships held in Bunbury, Western Australia. He was also victorious in the Cycling Australia Junior Road Series and the winner of the Victorian Junior Road Series in 2018.

Patrick Eddy

Patrick Eddy

In the recent Tour of Bright, Patrick won the B Grade time trial in a time that would have seen the high school student place tenth in A Grade.

“I’m excited to join InForm in 2019, especially after their awesome results this year. I can’t wait for the NRS and VRS to start next season and am looking forward to learning as much as possible from the older guys like Nathan Elliott and Raphael Freienstein,” Patrick said.

“I’ll probably look at doing NRS races that fall on weekends and during the school holidays. I usually train after school which leaves me enough time to study in the evenings,” Patrick said when asked about the difficulties of balancing both school and cycling.

Samuel Eddy

Samuel Eddy

The elder of the Eddy brothers Sam, is joining InForm after a season racing the NRS with AMR Renault.

The 17-year-old is heading into his second year in the under 19 category having posted some solid results as a bottom age rider. He finished 2nd at the under 19 Victorian State Road Championships road race and 3rd in the Time Trial behind Carter Turnbull and Rudy Porter

“I can’t wait to get to Buninyong and race alongside my brother,” Sam said.

“I’m super excited to get 2019 underway with InForm and look forward to learning from the experienced guys on the team.”

Lane is confident that InForm is the right environment for the brothers to continue their development and is excited to see them tackle the National Championships in Buninyong.

“I think the structure we’ve put around Pat and Sam with riders like Raphael Freienstein and Nathan Elliott will see them take a big step in their development, and I’m sure we’ll see them at the pointy end of the NRS. They will be ones to watch at the under 19 Nationals in January.”

Benny Jones will also to be joining the team next year to complete our roster of under 19 riders in 2019.

Welcome to InForm TM Insight MAKE for 2019, Patrick, Sam and Benny.

Team to be named InForm TM Insight MAKE for 2019


InForm Racing will be known as InForm TM Insight MAKE for the 2019 season. The major change of the name being the inclusion of TM Insight as a title sponsor for the NRS squad, having been the co-title sponsor for the under 19 team InForm TM Insight in 2018.

Headquartered in Melbourne, TM Insight offers consulting services and industry experience in supply chain improvement and industrial property development.

Co- founder Milan Andjelkovic, an enthusiastic cyclist himself, talked about the lack of funding that is provided for aspiring young road cyclists in Australia. After discussions with InForm Racing founder Cameron McKimm around the goals and aspirations of the team, it was a project that Andjelkovic wanted TM Insight to be part of.

“Listening to Cam and talking about his vision of young athletes going through InForm Racing, we just really wanted to support that. From what we can see there isn’t allot of support from the High Performance program for road cycling,” Andjelkovic said.

“It’s a team of youngsters that are doing really well, the riders are getting great opportunities with InForm like racing in Belgium. For a junior, these kinds of opportunities are really limited.”

The key reasoning for the involvement of TM Insight is to simply provide riders with opportunities, that without sponsors like TM Insight, would be difficult to access. Rider progression is what Andjelkovic enjoys seeing most.

“Seeing guys progress from the u19 team to the Senior team in the space of a year, that’s what it’s all about really, being on that journey with them.”


Melbourne based company Make Ventures will continue their ongoing support of InForm Racing as co- title sponsor for the 2019 season. The property development and Investment company will enter their second year as naming rights sponsor after a successful 2018. 




2018 Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour Stage 4 Report

Photo- Con Chronis

Photo- Con Chronis

The 2018 Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour finished today in Devonport with a fast, flat 54 kilometre criterium. 30 laps of a street circuit with two intermediate sprints (sans time bonuses) were on the agenda. Little wind and searing sunshine meant the weather was going to play no role the day’s proceedings.

On such a fast circuit, it was always going to be difficult to establish a significant breakaway with the right combination of riders. After a quiet start to the race, Carter Turnbull found himself off the front in a breakaway that consisted of three other riders including Ben Andrews (OLI). A mix of riders that Bennelong SwissWellness seemed happy to see go up the road. Turnbull started the day just 38 seconds from the white jersey leader, Sebastian Presley (OLI), so Andrews acted as an anchor to the early escapees, ultimately causing a premature end to the early move.

Both Andrews presence in the breakaway, and attacks from the peloton meant the race was back together at the halfway point and the cards were re-shuffled.

“It was worth a go, it was a good hit out. When the break came back it was all about helping Dave Williams for the intermediate and Raph for the final sprint,” Turnbull said.

Photo- Con Chronis

Photo- Con Chronis

InForm MAKE acted as the glue in the peloton for the next four laps to keep the race together for the second intermediate sprint of the day. Tom Benton and Raphael Freienstein provided the lead out for David Williams who took maximum points at the line, and moved into the outright lead of the green jersey competition.

Riders continued to attack after the second intermediate sprint in an effort to avoid a bunch sprint. However, the nature of the circuit proved too tricky to establish a serious move and the peloton were headed to a sprint showdown on the Devonport waterfront.

mobius BridgeLane and InForm MAKE were the two teams that provided the horsepower at the front of the peloton for the final two laps. As the riders came into sight of the finish line it was prologue winner Cameron Ivory and Raphael Freienstein who were in a drag race for the finish, with Ivory just having the better of the overall NRS winner by a wheel. Jay Vine (AMR) rolled in for third.

Yellow jersey Dylan Sunderland (BSC) finished safely in the bunch to be crowned the overall winner of this year’s Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour. Raphael Frieienstien finished fourth overall and in doing so, wrapped up the overall individual NRS victory. He also picked up the KOM and sprint jersey as added bonuses. 18 year old David Williams finished second in the standings for the green jersey.

“We couldn’t ask for more really, a stage win, KOM jersey, points jersey and to win the NRS overall is amazing,” Freienstein said.

The stage three winner also had big praise for his young teammates and their performances this week.

“They really stepped up, I’m impressed with how they all rode. We had three juniors in the team who have just finished school, they were in all the key breaks and for sure they all have a bright future.”

Photo- Con Chronis

Photo- Con Chronis

Team Manager Pat Lane was over the moon with his whole team’s performance in Tasmania.

“I’m very proud of the guys. We came here with two objectives; to win individual NRS overall and to hold second place in the team classification and we achieved both of those and more.”

InForm MAKE’s next race is the Tour of Bright. The focus then turns to the 2019 National Road Championships in Buninyong.

2018 Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour Stage 4 Results

Stage Results

1st – Cameron Ivory (GPM) 1h06:19

2nd - Raphael Freienstein (InForm MAKE) +0

3rd – Jay Vine (AMR) +0

Final General Classification

1st - Dylan Sunderland (BSC) 7h38:01

2nd - Michael Vink (BCT) +11

3rd - Cameron Roberts (GPM) +19

4th – Raphael Freienstein (InForm MAKE) +21

2018 Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour Stage 3 Report

Photo: Felix Trankner

Photo: Felix Trankner

The Gunns Plains stage of the Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour is traditionally the most exciting and unpredictable stage of the race, and this year was no different. The riders rolled out of Ulverstone in perfect conditions for the 70.5 kilometre stage en-route to Riana. The short, lumpy stage provided the perfect theatre for an aggressive day and it didn’t take long for the riders to sink their teeth into the stage.

After a fast start, a strong breakaway group of ten riders found themselves off the front of the peloton. Included in the move were InForm MAKE duo Tom Jones and Carter Turnbull. The break was given some rope by the peloton until fourth place on the GC, Oliver Martin (BCT) and InForm MAKE’s Rudy Porter bounced across to the breakaway. With the presence of Martin, Bennelong SwissWellness invested some resources to pin back the breakaway which had got out to almost a minute lead. After the hard chase from the peloton, the race was back together and the attacks started again.

InForm MAKE’s Stuart Smith was in the next major group of ten riders that got some slack from the peloton. Before the final climb of the day, Raphael Freienstein jumped across the 30 second gap to join Smith and the other escapees. The National Road Series Leader collected the maximum bonus at the second intermediate sprint. With the points secured, the German native settled back into the Smith led group and recovered for the final test of the day. With Freienstein attached to the back of the lead group, the experienced Smith drove the breakaway to stretch the gap out to 50 seconds at the base of the Gunns Plains climb.

Photo: Felix Trankner

Photo: Felix Trankner

With Smith’s work done, Freienstien took up the pace in a bid to keep the yellow jersey group at bay. Receiving no help from the other riders in the breakaway, Freiensteins gap was slowly reduced by Michael Vink, Oliver Martin and Dylan Sunderland who were chasing hard from the splintering peloton. Freienstein was first over the climb, picking up both KOM points and bonus seconds, while the other major GC players were still trailing.  

After chasing frantically, the yellow jersey group made contact with the front group with roughly nine kilometers to go, a sigh of relief for those who had just made the junction. With five kilometres to go, Rudy Porter and Carter Turnbull caught the lead group and 20 riders were headed to Riana for a reduced bunch sprint.

Rudy Porter threw a cat amongst the pigeons, attacking with two kilometres to go that forced Rabble Continental Cycling Team to pin the young Victorian back into the group. Carter Turnbull led out the fast, downhill sprint until Freienstein launched a perfectly timed sprint to take the win, with Rudy Porter holding on for 9th.

“It’s a great feeling winning a stage in the NRS leaders jersey. We were in every breakaway today so the win is a great reward for the effort the whole team put in today,” Freienstein said moments after crossing the line.

Photo: Con Chronis

Photo: Con Chronis

The difficulty of the stage and his heavy involvement in the key points of the day highlight the quality of Porter’s top ten today.

“It was a real tough one, the pace was hot from the start. On Gunns Plains it split to pieces, Carter and I were in a small group that caught Raph’s group before the finish so it was great to be in the front group,” Porter said.  

The final stage of this year Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour takes place on the Devonport foreshore for a 54 kilometre criterium. A fast, flat course will provide an exciting finale to this year’s edition. With the sprint jersey and the overall podium still up for grabs, another important day of racing for InForm MAKE looms tomorrow.

“We will look to give our young riders an opportunity if we can. It will be great to see David Williams sew up the sprint jersey competition. If we can’t get anyone up the road we will have Raph to have a crack at the final sprint,” InForm MAKE team manger Pat Lane said, talking about his teams ambitions for the fourth and final stage tomorrow.

2018 Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour Stage 3 results

Stage results

1st - Raphael Freienstein (InForm MAKE) 1h44:59

2nd - Dylan Sunderland (BSC) +0

3rd - Nicholas White (OLI) +0

9th – Rudy Porter (InForm MAKE) +0

General Classification after stage 3

1st- Dylan Sunderland (BSC) 6h31:42

2nd - Michael Vink (BCT) +11

3rd - Cameron Roberts (GPM) +19

4th - Raphael Freienstein (InForm MAKE) +25

2018 Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour Stage 2 Report

Photo: Con Chronis

Photo: Con Chronis

The “queen stage” of this year’s Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour didn’t disappoint with a big shake up at the top of the general classification. The riders battled the wind and the rain as they made their way to the alpine like conditions at the finish line, 1200 meters above sea level.

The riders set off from Longford with just 71.5 kilometres on the agenda with the leader’s yellow jersey resting on the shoulders of InForm MAKE rider Raphael Freienstein. With open plains and a moderate north westerly breeze, it was a nervous peloton that made their way through the narrow roads of Northern Tasmania.

Tail and tail-cross winds meant a fast start and no significant breakaways managed to survive. The race threatened to split into pieces at times with winds forcing some riders to lose contact from the InForm MAKE controlled peloton. Tom Benton and Stuart Smith were doing the lion share of the police work keeping the pace high and keeping the yellow jersey safe at the front of the race.

Photo: Con Chronis

Photo: Con Chronis

Not unlike yesterday, David Williams found himself deep in the action when it came to the intermediate sprints at both 25.7 kilometres and 50.9 kilometres. The young Victorian picked up four from a possible six points to move himself into the sprint jersey lead heading into stage 3 over Gunns Plains tomorrow.

“It’s awesome, it’s my first NRS jersey so I’m really happy with that,” Williams said.

With the intermediate sprints in the books, the peloton charged towards the bottom of the Poatina climb with the summit nowhere to be seen through the low-lying clouds. The rain began to fall heavily with 16 kilometres to go and so did the hammer, with riders being ejected out the back of the peloton under the pressure of the tempo being set. Bennelong SwissWellness, mobius BridgeLane and InForm MAKE all contributed to the piping hot pace at the front of the peloton.

With ten kilometres to go the race was in pieces and two main groups had formed at the head of the race. Yellow jersey, Raphael Freienstein was tacked on the back of a group of eight riders and Carter Turnbull found himself in the second group on the road with another eight riders.

Photo: Felix Trankner

Photo: Felix Trankner

The screws were turned tighter as the climb went on and with four kilometres to go the yellow jersey was distanced. Freienstein called upon his experience and rode within himself to limit the damage to just 40 seconds at the finish line to stage winner, New Zealand rider, Michael Vink (BCT). Yesterday’s stage winner Dylan Sunderland (BSC) was second and he now moves into the leader’s yellow jersey by five seconds over Vink.

“I just rode my own speed, I didn’t go with them when they increased the pace with five kilometres to go, I didn’t want to completely blow up… I’m still in this race and there are two stages still to go,” Freienstein said at the finish line.

Carter Turnbull and Rudy Porter both finished inside the top 20 after finding their rhythms after a searing start to the climb.

“There were allot of crosswinds coming into the climb and it was just about fighting for position. Up the climb it was a really hot tempo,” Porter said.

“I felt really good, I tried to stay within my limits but blew up a little bit in the last three kilometres,” Turnbull said directly after the finish.

Tomorrow sees the riders tackle the infamous Gunns Plains stage where the climbers will be out in force again. At only 71.5 kilometres from Ulverstone to Riana, stage 3 is another short stage but the rolling terrain will take the edge off many of the riders before the final climb. The steep, three-kilometre climb tops out with 11.3 kilometres from the finish and acts as the perfect launching pad for those chasing stage honours.

“It’s a brutal day, it’s always hard, its lumpy and the roads are pretty dead. I think we will see a pretty select group go over the top of Gunns Plains and we will have a small bunch sprint in Riana,” InForm MAKE team manager Pat Lane said.


2018 Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour Stage 2 results

Stage results

1st - Michael Vink (BCT) 1h51:10

2nd - Dylan Sunderland (BSC) +1

3rd - Cameron Roberts (GPM) +4

6th - Raphael Freienstein (InForm MAKE) +40

General Classification after stage 2

1st - Dylan Sunderland (BSC) 4h46:49

2nd - Michael Vink (BCT) +5

3rd - Cameron Roberts (GPM) +13

5th - Raphael Freienstein (InForm MAKE) +38

2018 Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour Stage 1 Report

Photo: Felix Trankner

Photo: Felix Trankner

Stage 1 of the Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour set off from George Town to finish at the Swiss inspired town of Grindelwald. At 115.9km, todays stage was the longest of the tour, but it didn’t pose any great difficulties to the riders until the final five kilometres.

The attacks to establish the break of the day started at the drop of the flag with InForm MAKE being represented in all the key moves. After 15 kilometres of reshuffling the deck, the major breakaway of the day was formed. It was however kept on a tight leash by tour leader Cameron Ivory and his GPM teammates.

Included in the breakaway of five riders was Launceston local Oliver Martin (BCT) and InForm MAKE 18-year-old David Williams. The presence of Williams in the breakaway allowed the rest of the InForm MAKE squad to take a back seat, keep there team leader Raphael Freienstein safe and prepare for the final ascent to Grindelwald. Williams, in the meantime was busy at the head of the race pushing the pace and picking up intermediate sprint points at the two sprints on offer. By days end, he found himself equal first in the race for the sprint jersey.

“It was brutal, it was really solid, five of us just chopping off all day,” Williams said.

“I was happy to do my bit for the team. I’ll rest up now and get ready to do the same again tomorrow.”

Photo: Felix Trankner

Photo: Felix Trankner

As the peloton began to ramp up the pace along the Tamar river in the last 20 kilometres, it meant the end of the line for the early escapees. With the breakaway reeled in, InForm MAKE took control of the rampaging peloton as they approached the tricky right hand turn for the final five kilometre rise to Grindelwald. Tom Benton headed up the charge in the kilometres approaching the decisive moment of the stage, putting Freienstein at the front of the peloton as stage 1 reached its climax.

The stage was set for a rider to take the bull by the horns and go for broke, but the key men decided to play the waiting game and keep their powder dry for an assault at Poatina tomorrow. Attacks were thrown down by various teams but ultimately yielded no fruit. Freienstein crested the summit first and in doing so picked up seven KOM points and valuable time bonuses.

The rolling final three kilometres saw Bennelong SwissWellness take control for their sprinter Tristan ward who had scrambled over the climb with 30 other riders. At the line, it was one of Ward’s lead-out men, Dylan Sunderland, who took the win among some late confusion within lead-out formation. Ryan Thomas (BCT) was second with InForm MAKE rider Raphael Freienstein making it two thirds in as many days.

“Another third is good, it keeps me hungry for that stage win. Dave (Williams) was super in the break today and (Tom) Benton was great in leading us into the climb as we had planned,” Freienstein said.

Team manager Pat Lane also had praises for his rider’s efforts today.

“I was excited to see Dave Williams up the road all day and for Rudy Porter and Carter Turnbull to climb in the front group with Raph (Freienstein) was great, and to have three guys there puts us in a great position.”

The time bonuses picked up at the final KOM and at the finish line was enough to see the National Road Series leader, Freienstein, leapfrog Cameron Ivory and move into the leader’s yellow jersey by a singular second heading into tomorrow’s stage.  

Photo: Felix Trankner

Photo: Felix Trankner

Tomorrow sees the riders tackle the “queen stage” of this year’s Spirt of Tasmania Cycling Tour. The stage length at only 71.5k won’t be a problem for the peloton, but the finishing 17 kilometre climb to the Island State’s central plateau will. The Poatina climb creates a platform for the genuine climbers to make their mark on the race.

“I’ve never ridden Poatina so I have nothing to fear. I’m quite confident, I felt really good today and I have a nice lead over the other climbers heading into the stage,” Freienstein said.

InForm MAKE are now in a super position heading into tomorrows stage but know that Poatina looms as a major obstacle.

“I think it will be all together at the base of Poatina. We will do our best to give Turnbull, Porter and Freienstein the best chance to succeed on the climb,” Lane said.

2018 Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour Stage 1 Results

Stage Results

1st – Dylan Sunderland (BSC) 2h45:06

2nd – Ryan Thomas (BCT) +2

3rd – Raphael Freienstein (InForm MAKE) +2

General Classification after Stage 1

1st - Raphael Freienstein (InForm MAKE) 2h55:37

2nd – Cameron Ivory (GPM) +1

3rd – Tristan Ward (BSC) +4

2018 Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour prologue report

Photo- Con Chronis

Photo- Con Chronis

The 2018 Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour started with a 0.67km prologue in Launceston today to decide who would wear the first leader’s yellow jersey in the stage to Grindelwald tomorrow.

The stage route snaked its way up Brisbane Street West and it was all done and dusted in just over 90 seconds for the fastest riders. What the stage lacked in distance it made up for in difficulty, with the riders having to negotiate ten corners and 60 meters of elevation gain on their way to the finish line which overlooked the city of Launceston.  

The short, punchy course was always going to favour the riders who were explosive and could drag themselves over a climb and the results reflected the pre-race predictions.

The hot favourite for the stage was Cameron Ivory (GPM) who was coming off the back of winning the Stan Siejka Launceston Cycling Classic on Sunday. Ivory was the eighth last rider down the start ramp and crushed the existing leading time by nine seconds. His time of 1 minute 31 seconds acted as the benchmark for the remaining riders to beat, but it was a bridge too far for the remaining riders. Tristan Ward (BSC) came closest to Ivory’s time falling short by two seconds which was enough to secure second place on the stage behind Ivory.

InForm MAKE rider and National Road Series (NRS) leader Raphael Freienstein was the last man to start and cannoned up Brisbane Street West, but despite his gallant efforts he still fell short of Ivory’s time by five seconds, enough for third place on the stage.

A great result alone for Freienstein, but more importantly, the German native put some handy time into his closest rivals which could prove fruitful for both the overall NRS classification and the General Classification for the rest of the Spirt of Tasmania Cycling Tour.

When asked at the finish line about his performance an exhausted Freienstein said, “I’m super happy, my lungs are burning, it’s a good start to the Tour.”

Carter Turnbull approaching the finish line.

Carter Turnbull approaching the finish line.

The 27-year-old showed his experience when quizzed about the time he had put into his main competitors, “It’s a long tour, so we will take it day by day.”

The Tour now heads into three decisive days starting tomorrow with 115.9km from George Town to Grindelwald. The final six kilometres is where the action is expected to happen on the finishing climb, aptly named Alpine Crescent. It’s a stage where a rider won’t win the Tour but it is defiantly one where many riders will have their overall classification hopes dashed.

“It’s a pretty tough day before even getting to the finishing climb, it’s the longest stage of the Tour and I think it will split up a fair bit on the last climb… it will be a reduced bunch sprint at the finish,” InForm MAKE manager Pat lane said.


2018 Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour prologue results

 1st- Cameron Ivory (GPM) 1.31.81

2nd – Tristan Ward (BSC) + 2 seconds

3rd- Raphael Freienstein (InForm MAKE) + 5 seconds


27th - David Williams (InForm MAKE) +17 seconds

33rd - Rudy Porter (InForm MAKE) +19 seconds

39th - Stuart Smith (InForm MAKE) +20 seconds

46th - Carter Turnbull (InForm MAKE) + 21 seconds

60th - Tom Benton (InForm MAKE) +23 seconds

76th - Tom Jones (InForm MAKE) + 29 seconds

Freienstein takes overall National Road Series lead

raph crit.jpg

As a by-product of his sensational overall victory at the Tour of Gippsland, InForm MAKE rider Raphael Freienstein has moved into the overall lead of the Cycling Australia National Road Series (NRS). The 27-year-old sealed his first overall NRS victory on the savage slopes of Mt Baw Baw after a dominant display throughout the whole Tour of Gippsland.

Freienstein has enjoyed a fruitful year that has included; second at the Grafton to Inverell epic, second overall at Battle Recharge, a stage win and second overall at the Campolina- Visit Victoria Tour of the Great South Coast, and of course his recent success at the Tour of Gippsland.

With two rounds to go in this year’s NRS, Freienstein leads the series by just five points to Nicholas White (Oliver’s Real Food Racing). The Tour of Tasmania and Giro della Donna are what stands in between the German native and the overall victory, but Freienstein would see winning the series as an added bonus to his already rewarding season.

“It would be nice to win NRS overall, however, it was never a target or goal of mine,” Freienstein said.

“In a way, I have slipped into an overall contender as we lost a few of our other stronger riders at the beginning of the year and I ended up doing all NRS events. To go for the overall win you need to be placed high on GC at almost every tour. InForm MAKE supported me in every tour, and that way, I ended up at the top of the rankings.”

raph car.jpg


The Tour of Tasmania has always been known as the hardest tour of the season and this year is no different. Included in the tour of the apple isle is a punchy uphill finish at Grindelwald, the infamous Gunn’s Plains stage and a genuine summit finale at Poatina. There is no hiding here, climbing legs are a must.

“Tour of Tassie is really hilly and probably one of the hardest tours in Australia.”

“I haven’t looked at the stage profiles but we will have a strong team lining up and trying to continue where we finished off at Gippsland. It would be great to see someone from InForm MAKE take out a stage win or even the overall tour win.”

Chipping away at time bonuses simply won’t be enough to be donning the leader’s Yellow Jersey in Devonport on November 18, but Freienstein’s punchy kick may prove critical if it comes down to the wire.

However, Freienstein should take confidence out of his performance on Mt Baw Baw, knowing that his climbing legs can stack up with the best series.

For now, Freienstein can be proud of what he and the whole InForm MAKE team have achieved this season and can relish the opportunity to wear the NRS leader’s jersey in Tasmania. But the desire for more success is evident, and a potential post season celebration with the squad is being used as a motivating factor for Freienstein.

“We have a strong team going to Tassie and Giro della Donna so hopefully we can have a big night after the last NRS event on the 25th of November.”



 Individual NRS rankings

 1st: Raphael Freienstein (InForm MAKE) - 790 points

 2nd: Nicholas White (Oliver’s Real Food Racing) - 785 points

 3rd: Ayden Toovey (Bennelong Swiss Wellness Cycling Team) - 680 points


Teams NRS rankings

 1st: Bennelong Swiss Wellness Cycling Team - 1635 points

 2nd: InForm MAKE - 793 points

 3rd: Oliver’s Real Food Racing - 654 points

Former U23 World ITT champion and BMC rider Campbell Flakemore joins InForm MAKE as media manager


Ahead of the Tour of Tasmania next month, InForm MAKE has appointed Hobart-turned-Melbourne ex-professional cyclist Campbell Flakemore as the media manager and behind the scenes storyteller for all National Road Series events.

Having experienced cycling at its most elite level, Flakemore made his professional debut in 2015 with BMC (the team of Australian Tour de France winner Cadel Evans), spending the year living and racing in the WorldTour.

While everything appeared fine from the outside, Flakemore was struggling with life as a pro cyclist and eventually pulled the pin on his cycling career at the end of the year. 


nats with evans.png

Today, his passion for the sport instead expresses itself in studying a sport development university degree while working on Stanley Street Social; a conversation on racing, the future of sport, and the challenges of pro-life.

With a passion for media, and an undeniable love for the sport, Flakemore’s experiences racing in Australia and abroad make him a well-informed reporter on the InForm MAKE team: few NRS followers know the intricacies of racing quite like the 26-year-old.

“Im super happy to be involved with InForm MAKE, they have given me an opportunity to work within the cycling circles and i’m also looking forward to helping out the younger riders where i can,” Flakemore said.

Having experienced the Tour of Tasmania himself with two stage wins, the boy from Hobart will uncover all of the action through our social channels and website, with the tour taking place from 14 - 18th November (follow us on Twitter here and Instagram here).

For his compelling story on the difficult decision to quit cycling, click here and to stay up to date with Stanley Street Social, follow them on Instagram here.


Tour of Gippsland Report: Raph's Big Win

yellow jersey 1.jpg

InForm MAKE rider Raphael Freienstein took the overall victory in the 2018 Tour of Gippsland earlier this month. The German native sealed victory on the mythical Mt Baw Baw after a criterium heavy opening three days.

Stage 1

The opening stage of the 2018 Tour of Gippsland was a kermesse around the Phillip Island race circuit, in ideal racing conditions. Freienstein and Jason Lea (Bennelong Swiss Wellness Cycling Team) established the major breakaway of the day, amalgamating their forces which aided the duo in helping themselves to the lion share of the intermediate time bonuses on offer in the 102.3km stage.

With three laps to go, the pair were caught and the peloton were headed for a sprint finish on the home straight normally reserved for the MotoGP royalty of Rossi et al.

This time, it was Craig Wiggins (Mobius Bridgelane) who was greeted by the chequered flag first. Freienstein finishing 13th on the stage, having already picked up 14 seconds of time bonuses in the process. By day’s end, Freienstein sat fifth on the general classification and the foundations were in place for an assault at the overall victory.

Stage 1 highlights

Stage 2

Stage 2 was a 60km criterium around Traralgon, it was here where Freienstein went on a time bonus raid. He found himself in an early move that included Nicholas White (Oliver’s Real Food Racing) and Ayden Toovey (Bennelong Swiss Wellness Cycling Team). With the firepower present in the breakaway, the task was going to be steep for the peloton to reel the leaders in on the testing course around the streets of the city in the Latrobe Valley.

The breakaway managed to stay clear to pick up the three intermediate bonuses with Freienstein claiming maximum points in two sprints, moving himself into the virtual race lead.

Like at Phillip Island, all the attackers were caught, and the reduced peloton headed for another dicey sprint finish and it was Theo Yates (Drapac EF) who took the chocolates ahead of White and Freienstein. Third on the stage, and the accumulation of time bonuses throughout the opening stages saw Freienstein move into the leader’s Yellow Jersey by 18 seconds.

Stage 2 highlights

Stage 3

A flat 1.2km criterium circuit around Sale greeted the riders for stage 3, again, in sunny conditions for the 48km dash. It was a cagey stage with time bonuses being the focus of the day’s play. InForm MAKE rode gallantly for the Yellow Jersey, keeping the race in check for the three intermediate sprints. Like he had in the previous two stages, Freienstein was a major player, picking up time bonuses in two of the three sprints on offer.

The final sprint for stage honours belonged to White, who ended his long run of podium finishes. Tristan Ward (Bennelong Swiss Wellness Cycling Team) was second and the consistent Freienstein was third. White’s win saw Freienstein’s overall lead get slashed to just 7 seconds heading into the final stage.

Stage 3 highlights

Stage 4 

The two were set lock horns on the slopes of Mt Baw Baw in a savage 4.7km mountain time trial to decide who would win the 2018 Tour of Gippsland.

“Baw Baw is a brutal and unique climb. I’ve raced up it once and ridden it once in training. You can lose a lot of time in the short 4.7k and going into the last stage with only a seven second gap over Nick White wasn’t much at all,” Freienstein said.

The stage was made for a battle royal between Freienstein and White and it really was a genuine nail biter with the pair finishing second and third respectively on the stage.

White won the battle, topping Freienstein by just one second but it was the InForm MAKE rider who won the war, climbing like a home sick angel to take the overall victory by six seconds over White.

“I wasn’t really confident to hold the lead but I just focused on the last effort and tried to have a good rhythm up the climb.”

“It was a relief to win the tour overall. I’ve placed second overall multiple times and winning a NRS tour was one of my goals for this year.”

The stage victory went to Connor Brown (Mobius Bridgelane) who emerged from the misty 20 % slopes fastest in a winning time of 19.23, at an average speed of 14.5 km/h, highlighting the severity of the climb.

Consistency was the key for Freienstein here, and when asked where the difference was made he looked all the way back to stage 1, saying that Phillip Island is where the winning margin was gained. 

“I had a hard first day of the tour at Phillip Island when I spent 90km with Jason Lea in the break. Those bonus seconds I picked up during that stage, and the two criteriums were probably the difference in the end.”

Stage 4 highlights

Final general classification

1st: Raphael Freienstein (InForm MAKE) 5h07:36

2nd: Nicholas White (Oliver’s Real Food Racing) + 6 seconds

3rd: Connor Brown (Mobius Bridgelane) + 54 seconds