Baysider Leader: Belgium beckons for bayside team


InForm TM Insight MAKE was featured in the Bayside Leader last week, in an interview with Tom Benton and Patrick Lane as they prepare for a month of training and racing in Belgium later this month.

From the feature:

While 2018’s trip to Belgium may have left 19-year-old team member Tom Benton with a broken collarbone, the Melbourne University student and old Brighton Grammarian is hungry to get stuck into some challenging racing.

“After last year’s injury, I couldn’t be more excited to be given another opportunity to compete in Belgium again,” the commerce student says, who recently won the young rider’s classification at the infamous Melbourne to Warnambool Cycling Classic.

“The kermesses over there are brutal, but our team is going from strength to strength after some great wins at the Tour of Brisbane and the Tour of East Gippsland, so I think we’re equipped to be right up there amongst tough competition.”