Tour of the King Valley: InForm TM Insight Make Enters the Business End of the NRS


As we head into the pointy end of the National Road Series with Jarrad Drizners in the lead, Raphael Freienstein in third, and the InForm TM Insight MAKE team leading the teams’ classification, the two-stage Tour of the King Valley will be a fiercely contested one.

Kicking off on Friday 11th October, the opening stage of the tour sees a return to the Winton Raceway Kermesse with 90 minutes of racing plus three laps that will make for an exciting race.

Stage two rolls out from the iconic Sam Miranda Winery early Saturday morning as the peloton set their sights on the Strada Nero loop. Featuring numerous gravel and dirt segments, the course will keep everyone on their toes as the loose surface can always turn an unpredictable race into chaos. 


DS Pat Lane knows all too well how the gravel and dirt laden course can create carnage.

“With all of the dirt on the course, the race can be a real lottery,” he says.

“With Drizners and Freienstein first and third overall, and our boys leading the teams’ classification, we will be closely watched during both stages over the weekend, making for an exciting but challenging tour that the boys are well prepared to face.”

With the kermesse broadcasting live on the National Road Series Facebook page this morning at 11am, and the road race highlights available on Kayo / Fox Sports, you can catch all of the action of what is sure to be a hotly contested battle (find all of the broadcast information by clicking here). With a strong lineup and Mark O’Brien guest riding, InForm TM Insight MAKE is looking stronger than ever - albeit with targets on our backs - to take on the challenge.

Here, we break down each stage.

Stage 1 – Winton Raceway Kermesse

Friday, October 11
Kermesse – 90 mins plus three laps
Men’s Start: 11:00am. Finish: 1:00pm (approx.)
Women’s Start: 1:30pm Finish: 3:30pm) approx.)


Stage 2 Men’s – Sam Miranda Winery

Saturday, October 12
Distance: 164kms
Start: 7:00am. Finish: 11:00am. (approx.)