MAAP and Specialized join InForm TM Insight MAKE for 2019


InForm TM Insight MAKE will be joining forces with two premium brands for 2019.

Melbourne based cycling apparel company MAAP will be on board as clothing sponsor, while Specialized will continue in 2019 as our bike sponsor.  

MAAP co-founder and director Oliver Cousins talked about his thoughts on their new partnership with InForm TM Insight MAKE.

“It feels like a really natural partnership. We’re both Melbourne based, both design led brands and both focused on performance and racing. We look forward to watching the team develop their riders into world class athletes over the coming years.”

“We’re looking forward to having InForm TM Insight MAKE represent the brand all year round. It’s important for us that they’re mixing it up at club crits, and being part of Melbourne’s cycling community as it is racing the NRS. We see the team as a great squad of ambassadors for the brand,” Cousins said.


InForm TM Insight MAKE Team Manager Pat lane expressed his excitement to be linking up with such a premium clothing brand.

“I’ve always tried to sneak around in MAAP apparel as much as possible, to have our team link up with them is something I’m really excited about,” Lane said.

“MAAP have a huge following and it’s great to be a part of their brand. On a performance note, I know the guys are really excited to be in such great kit next year.”


Specialized will again be on board as the team’s bike sponsor after a successful 2018 season in partnership.

“Specialized have been indirectly supporting InForm TM Insight MAKE since they first pinned on race numbers not too long ago at St. Kilda CC crits. It’s been a rapid evolution since those days, which we’ve greatly enjoyed being able to ride alongside and celebrate what InForm have been able to grow into today,” Michael Brown, Specialized Sports Marketing Manager said.

Brown talked about the environment, and the opportunities that InForm TM Insight MAKE provide to young athletes is what draws Specialized to be involved with the team.

“Moving into 2019, Specialized are proud to now be directly supporting what is a well-respected and very competitive NRS team. In amongst the peloton and the wider cycling industry, Cameron McKimm and the team are known for their many development opportunities and the professional environment they create for young riders. It’s this ethos and the positive relationship we have that drives us, Specialized, to want to help support the development of Australia’s next top cycling talent.”

We are thrilled to be partnered with two premium brands and can’t wait to get 2019 underway with MAAP and Specialized.