Cameron McKimm and Pat Lane to head up InForm TM Insight MAKE in 2019


Cam McKimm started InForm TM Insight MAKE for his mates and himself to race evening criteriums on hot summer nights just a few short years ago. He wouldn’t have ever thought he would have the best young talent in the country riding for his team.

“It always exceeds my expectations of the way the team grows. But we want to be careful that we keep it sustainable, so we do want to keep it at a similar size it is now,” McKimm said.

The Managing Director of InForm Design is everything you want from a team owner, but most importantly, for McKimm its about providing opportunities and support for young cyclists in Australia.

“We do it because we are passionate about it, and we like putting financial support towards young kids who are having a real crack at something. We also want to create a really good environment around them so they can succeed and excel with InForm TM Insight MAKE.”

After a big 2018, the founder of InForm TM Insight MAKE is excited to see what the team can achieve in 2019.

“We couldn’t be happier with the roster for next year, we had a list of riders we wanted and we got them all. We have a great race program, we have a healthy budget with the great support of TM Insight and MAKE, and we have the best equipment with Specialized and MAAP on board for next year.

“Operations wise, Pat absolutely runs the team, I’ve got 100% faith in him, he’s got heaps of experience in this game and is a much smarter cycling person than I am,” McKimm said.


Lane, who’s cycling palmares includes a third place at the Australian Nationals and a stage win at Giro Della Regione Friuli, moved into a non-riding management role with the team halfway through 2018 and has quickly adapted to life in the sheltered comforts of the team vehicle. On top of his cycling team commitments, the 27-year-old has also been working with InForm Design on a full-time basis.  

“I’ve really enjoyed the transition, it’s been busy lately but watching it all come together for 2019 is pretty exciting. I can’t wait to see the boys line up at nationals together with the new bikes & kit. Running the team is a great experience for me & it’s been awesome to be able to stay involved with the team,” Lane said.

With new riders of elite quality bolstering the strength of the squad, the team’s focus of developing young riders has stayed the same.

“I think the most exciting part about next year’s roster is the level of riders we have been able to sign up while maintaining our focus on young riders. The average age next year is just 19.5 years old,” Lane said.

With the admin for 2019 almost complete, Lane can now look forward to the upcoming season from a racing scope and map out the goals and ambitions for the team. He spoke passionately about seeing some of the younger riders step up into leaderships roles, aided by the guidance of some of the more experienced riders in the squad.

Screenshot 2018-12-13 23.39.50.png

“This year was an amazing year results wise, we saw a lot of our younger riders start to consistently finish in the top ten. I can’t wait to see them get their first NRS win next year and I’m very confident we will have multiple winners,” Lane said.

“After coming second this year in the NRS the obvious goal would be to win it. To beat the new squad run by Tom Petty and Andrew Christie-Johnston next year will be very difficult, but we are looking forward to the challenge. I know Raphael Freienstein is hoping to hand the NRS leaders jersey onto one of the other guys for next year.”

One of the craftiest and tactically intelligent riders during his riding career, Lane will act as a fountain of knowledge for the youthful squad, who under the guidance of one of the most cycling wired brains in the country, are in safe hands.